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Retro Decor: Fruit and Vegetable Crate Label Art

Vintage Fruit or Vegetable Crate & Can Label Art as Kitchen Decor

Beautiful, funny and sometimes racy, fruit and vegetable labels were created to catch the eye of consumers on cans and labels for produce crates.

Early in the 1900’s growers and merchants used beautiful artwork to entice people to buy their fruits and vegetables.

Artists created sun drenched landscapes and romantic scenes to make their fruit and vegetable produce stand out.  The artwork on these vintage crate labels can now be appreciated for their unique beauty and have become popular retro kitchen decor.

New and Vintage Kitchen Art and Home Decor

These designs are all based on restored artwork from original crate labels.  They have been updated and reproduced for modern kitchens.  Vintage fruit art of strawberries, apples and other fruits and mythical mermaids from authentic crate labels, with restored colors and room for your own custom text and messages.



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