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Collectible Vintage Cookbooks

Sometimes the best recipes can only be found in older cookbooks.  I have been collecting cookbooks, spiral bound recipe collections and retro cooking pamphlets for years and always find unique and tasty recipes in them.

Some cook books change their recipes in newer editions.  They’ll update them to remove fat or sodium, which is great, but that recipe won’t taste exactly the same as grandma’s.

I like the dollar stretching advice in cookbooks from the 1940’s and 50’s because saving food is always important.  I like to see of the home remedies and advice found in cookbooks from the 1930’s and earlier days too.  That is just a few of the reasons why buying and selling of vintage, or older cookbooks has taken off in recent years.

Sometimes older cookbooks call for ingredients you might not have in your pantry, find simple recipe substitutions on my Odd Ingredients Recipe Tips Page…

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