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retro cooking bowlEmergency Recipe Substitutions for Odd Ingredients:  Discovering you're missing an ingredient is no fun, knowing an ingredients "equivalent" or substitution can save the day
chocolate dipped strawberry recipe tips Chocolate Recipe Tips and Dipped Strawberry Recipe:  Chocolate, bitter, sweet or powdered equivalents or emergency recipe substitutions help chocoholics in the kitchen
artichoke retro crate label artworkCrate Label Retro Vegetable and Fruit Art Page:  My original retro fruit and vegetable crate label designs plus a few old favorites restored and reproduced for you
vintage teapot kitchen deorVintage Tins & Kitchenwares: Decorate your kitchen with vintage tins.  They make great storage too!

My Kitchen Counter Art Collection

This is where I cook up my food and cooking designs
and funny kitchen slogans for my online stores.
Inspired by actual kitchen events!  Here's what Mom is serving up:

1950s cookbook ladyMom's Retro Kitchen Art Store:
Mom has her own cooking and retro kitchen art store on Zazzle!
What does this mean for you?  You can now personalize any design!  All my designs come on custom canning labels, totes, aprons, T-shirts, art cards, business cards, new travel mugs and other fun products.
Favorite Foods Vintage Kitchen ArtFavorite Foods Vintage Kitchen Art

Featuring bread, butter, meat, potato, milk, apple and egg.  Restored from an antique storybook, this art has been restored and colored by hand and comes on custom canning labels, recipe binders and more
bbq king and queen sayingsBBQ Grill King & Queen Sayings

A fun cookout design with red flames and smoldering letters. For cooks and cookout chefs on custom canning stickers, aprons and invitations
Kitchen%20Magician%20Retro%20Cooking%20Girl%20ArtKitchen Magician Retro Cooking Girl

My retro kitchen girl is a magician in the kitchen!  She's wearing a top hat and a red dress with a yellow polka dot apron, her spoon is sprinkling sparkles onto the retro lettering.
From the Kitchen of Custom Retro Designs From the Kitchen of Retro Desings

Create your own custom canning, baking or recipe labels with these cute retro desings with colorful blocks of color.
Funny Mom Sayings and SlogansFunny Mom Sayings in Retro Letters and Cute Vintage Styles

For mom's who drive the kids and serve up love from the kitchen on Mother's Day or any day!
Restaurant silverware on napkin designsSilverware Dinner is Served Cooking Design

An elegant silverware design with art of a pretty embellished napkin. Whether you're opening a neighborhood restaurant or adding a touch of elegance to a dinner party, this design comes on custom party invitations, menu templates and more.
organic saving the planet one kitchen at a timeOrganic Saving the Planet Kitchen Saying

Organic, Saving the planet, one kitchen at a time.
I used classic letters in green with a floral design in them.  The bottom  has an antique acorn artwork with green leaves.
King of the Grill bbq designsKing of the Grill BBQ Slogan

You are King of the Grill with this fire roasted chrome plated design. For Master Grillers, BBQ chefs and cooks with an attitude, from the kitchen to the great outdoors. This retro design uses retro letters on a tan background.
Excelorator funny vintage coffee label designsExcelorator Vintage Coffee Label Art

Excel-o-rator Coffee retro coffee label advertising art.   Excel with Excelorator Coffee!!! Quality and satisfaction every time.
out of my kitchen snappy sayingsOut of My Kitchen Snappy Cooking Saying

Out of My Kitchen funny saying for spicy cooks with red sketchy letters and a small hatchet in the letter N!
recipe equivalents recipe helper kitchen artRecipe Measurement Equivalents Pastel Floral

Find helpful recipe measuring equivalents easily with this list of common measurement equivalents for help baking and cooking in the kitchen. In pretty pastel pinks and oranges with a simple floral pattern,
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Who is Mom?

I love cooking and retro art so I mixed the two together and ended up with this page.

I live in Los Angeles, the City of the Angels.  Visit my main Art from LA Page at

Please drop by my online store to find my original cooking-themed
and retro kitchen art:

  MomsRetro on Zazzle

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Quick Recipe Measurements:

Tsp. = Teaspoon
Tbs. = Tablespoon

3 Tsp. = 1 Tbs.
4 Tbs. = 1/4 Cup

16 Tbs. = 1 Cup
1 Cup = 8 Fluid Oz

2 Cups = 1 Pint
4 Cups = 1 Quart
2 Pints = 1 Quart

4 Quarts = 1 Gallon
2 Gallons = 1 Peck
Quick & Easy
Kitchen Tip:
Crocks Rock!

Assemble your ingredients the night before and stash everything in the fridge.

In the morning all you have to do is toss it into the pot and go!

Don't forget to check the
Crock Pot Recipe
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vintage crate label artNew and Vintage Crate Label Art

Beautiful bright colors and romantic landscapes make crate and can labels popular art for kitchen art. 

My designs are based on authentic food labels from the 1930's and 40's.  The art was restored and redesigned for use on tees, totes coffee mugs and more.  I like to make the art unique with fun phrases and mythical California cities.

Visit my Retro Crate Label Art page to see my entire collection.
Primrose Flowers Retro Label ArtPrimrose Sugar Corn Kitchen Crate Label Designs
Beautifully restored from vintage crate label artwork with a bouquet of red and white primrose flowers on a pretty pink background. 
embarcadero pears vintage kitchen label artEmbarcadero Pears Fruit Blue Label Kitchen Art
Vintage art restored with bright colors of pretty yellow pears and a scenic mountain landscape on a blue background.
Artichoke Retro Label Kitchen ArtArti Chokes Original Retro Artichoke Artwork
Arti Chokes when he eats too fast.  My unique artichoke artwork is based on authentic California vegetable labels and my love of gourmet steamed chokes with butter, herbs and mayo!
Strawberry Vintage Crate Label Art Strawberry Vintage Crate Label Art
Bright red strawberries tumble over a scenic California country landscape in this unique, retro kitchen art on custom canning labels, fridge magnets and fun strawberry decor for your kitchen.

Retro Kitchen Art and Vintage Sayings

Find my latest kitchen art or cooking sayings at my MomsRetro Online store:

buy unique gifts at Zazzle

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